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Basic Search

The data base contains over 18,000 places in London and the suburbs of Pubs, clubs, restaurants, hotels, public buildings, commercial buildings, residential buildings, sporting venues, theatres, etc, etc.

Most of the time your place or “Point” as we prefer to call it is gained by simply entering the point name, with at most the Postal district ie EC2.


Some quick notes to ensure you get what you want easily -


1) Your entry is NOT case sensitive, so Buckingham Palace, BUCKINGHAM PALACE, bUcKiNgHaM PaLaCe and buckingham palace are all the same.


2) Spaces are not relevant so Le Meridien is the same as lemeridien.


3) You do not have to enter the whole word for the point (match beginning). So you could simply enter “buck” if we are looking for Buckingham palace. Great found in one, only 12 entries and Buckingham Palace is there. If you had entered BU it would also have found Buckingham  Palace but that there were 128 entries so if you were looking for some other point stating BU then you would have to narrow the search. You will also notice that the British Union for Anti Vivisection was also there, why ? Because an alternative spelling of BUAV (their abbreviation) was stored with that entry and that starts BU.


4) There is an alternative search which is “match within”, this will look for for a match within the name rather than the matching the beginning of the word. If we enter UCK ie part of the word within bUCKingham, again we find buckingham palace but also adolph tUCK hall etc.


5) Road Name and Road type.

     For database reasons, the road is split, so Oxford Street is split into

     Road Name  - “Oxford”, Road type “Street”.

     New Bridge Street will be -

    Road Name “New Bridge”, Road type - “Street”


6) Postal District  ie SW1 (rather than a post CODE SW1 6XX) will narrow the search, but this will also match with SW11, SW12, SW13 etc. To compare with SW1 add a full stop ie SW1.  


Your well on your way. Now check out MORE details.

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