Points Of London


Welcome to Points of London, the easy to use search engine on the “Home Page” allows you to simply find from the database of over 18,000 places their address and in most cases a link to “Streetmaps” web site to show a map of the location. It must be bourne in mind that a maximum of 15 possible solutions per search are shown. Click below for Search hints and tips.  


The database was built whilst I was doing the “Knowledge” between 1993 and 1996. Any points entered on the database during that period will be shown with the pre 2000 date. Newer points are searched and displayed before the older ones. A lot newer points have been added but this is a major ongoing task. Searches that return “Non found” are logged and looked into to and hopefully added so the next time you check and for anyone else, it will be there.

Happy searching.   Alan Nash


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